In our society, we revere those who are the best at what they do. Chants of “We’re #1” are heard frequently. You will never hear, “We’re #2,” or “We’re not great, but we’re better than we were last year.” If we want to be the BEST at whatever we do, we’ve got
to break it down into its individual components.


  • Be an Original – The greatest learning and achievements come not from standardized group work but from the unique efforts of individuals.
    Use Your Multiple Brains – Listen more clearly to your multiple steams of intelligence as you make decisions.
  • No One Has to Lose for You to Win – Goals are met when we co-ordinate our efforts with those of others.
  • Building Trust – Trust is an Emotional Strength.
  • Honour the Greatness in Others – Each individual is different, learn to honour the individual greatness in others.
  • Calm Energy – Calm energy is characterized by low muscle tension, more optimistic presence of mind, and a deep sense of physical stamina and wellbeing.
  • Passion – Doing your job passionately helps you make the most of your current capabilities.
  • Developing Talents – Talents are instinctive, naturally recurring patterns of thought, feeling, or behaviour that can be enhanced by new knowledge, skills and experience.
  • Let Your Life Speak – Fortune smiles on those who roll up their sleeves and put their shoulders to the wheel.
  • Sweat the Right Small Stuff – Knowing the difference between what is crucial and what is not crucial is very critical.
  • Get A Life – When something is grinding you down, you have to know when to pull the plug.
  • Align Your Life with Your Biggest Dreams – A big dream lifts the spirit and ignites in the heart a compelling sense of direction and purpose.
  • Keep Glancing Ahead – A long-term view is vital for creating a strong bearing along which today’s energy and actions will flow.
  • Exceeding Expectations – We have the capacity and responsibility to learn and grow form every one of the obstacles, inducements, incitements, provocations and stimuli that life sends us.
  • Make Adversity Your Ally – Adversity arrives in everyone’s life, what we do with it can makes all the difference.
  • Develop The Skin Of A Rhino And The Soul Of An Angel – Don’t take things personally, someone’s always going to be mad at you and that’s okay.
  • Keep Challenging Your Edges – Challenge yourself to increase your awareness enough that you can change your old habits and patterns.
  • Self – Appraisal Questionnaire which will guide you on your journey of Self-Improvement

Participants will be able to

  • Know their greatest strength and passion, and emphasizing them while honestly
  • admitting and managing their weaknesses.
  • Learn how to acknowledge other’s efforts.
  • Learn how to use their Calm Energy
  • Clarify personal and professional roles
  • Differentiate between the important and unimportant tasks
  • Take responsibility of their actions and inactions as well
  • Take a long term view of their decisions

Mr. Vijay Batra