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Target Audience– Middle to Upper Level of Management

  • World-class organizations are not built overnight. They are built with much effort. Like people are a function of their habits, organizations are a function of its practices. This workshop aims at discussing the practices of world-class organizations and ways & means. The workshop would discuss case studies of successful organizations, which had made them what they are. It addresses the What, How and Why of the best practices.
  • Participants become more passionate towards their work and organization.
  • This workshop helps the participant realize their potential and feel that they are BORN TO WIN.


Session 1

  • Habits define people and practices define organization.
  • Building world class attitudes among your people
  • World class company requires world class people
  • Passion -Love your job.

Session 2

  • Let the customer drive the organization
  • Don’t follow, lead – Create the next best practice
  • Deliver world class quality – Doing small things greatly
  • Live Speed, Simplicity and Selfconfidence
  • Align your performance:
  • Involve everyone – Use the brains of every employee
  • Live Values
  • Throw the incrementalist mindset away

Session 3

  • Right People are the best assets, CRM and PRM (People Relationship Management.)
  • Your organisation a learning and vibrant university
  • How to be a purposeful action taker.
  • Building world class attitudes among your people
  • Moving from Comfort Zone to Productive Zone
  • Knowledge sharing.

Session 4

  • Building organization not built to last but built to change
  • Developing world class leaders in your organisation
  • Using Innovation to fuel growth- Thinking outside the box
  • Creating a great ambience
  • Developing the Intra-preneurial talent

INSIGHT TO MINDS – Different Test will be incorporated at different level of the programme.

  • Identifying maladaptive behaviors
  • Understanding Moods and drives: Feel the way you want to Feel
  • Types of people – (Toward & Away) and dealing with them effectively
  • Mind – Maps: Identifying cognitive distortions
  • Dysfunctional Attitudinal Syndrome (DAS): Understand and test yourself on 7 dimensions of attitudes


Positive attitude is probably one of the often used words to motivate others and self. The time has come to move one step further towards constructive attitude. When competition along with recession in intense, it depends on an individual whether he sees problem as an opportunity or just the problem.


Multimedia presentations with relevant movie clips. Sessions are based on active interaction by participants, sharing of experiences accompanied with talk on ‘How’ of any topic, eye-catching slides Team based exercises form an integral part of it.