There is no limit to the extend you can improve the quality of your life. A thousand miles journey begins with one first step. It will be a confidence building workshop, focused on the development of a positive self imagedeveloping the intra-personal and inter-personal intelligence. Ignoring the potentials within, most of us are fearful and scared of facing life situations and performing at our optimum levels.
We in our workshop will assist new comers to accept themselves as they are and help explore the tremendous potentials within, and to believe that- ”THEY CAN”.

The one day workshop will be the right mix of “hosh” and “josh”. It will be ensured that the participants are exposed to the concepts of Corporate world. They will have practical ways to implement the concepts, immediately on their return to their respective work front.

The whole workshop will be based on:

Ability = Applying knowledge
Capability = Possessing knowledge
Willingness = Wanting

The Theme that we are going to use is CREATE- Full Charge for the future (Creativity, Result, Energy, Attitude, Trust and Engagement .)


Suddenly your new recruits are out of the safe haven of the classroom, where they were tested on schedule, and deadlines were months away. They are thrust into the challenging reality of their first job. Deadlines are “tomorrow, at the latest.” There are no formal exams, but they are being tested; everyday.

The results come, not in report cards, but in performance reviews.

The new recruits always remember to do their best; they are being watched. Why are being watched? You may think it’s a money thing. That is, of course, true; but it isn’t the only reason.

Their performance in the classroom impacted them alone, not their college, or even their professor. In contrast, their performance at work impacts the organization as a whole, their bosses, and even their co-workers. A new recruit is one spoke in the wheel that makes the organization run. If that spoke is broken, you as an employer will just go out and replace it.


  1. LISTEN—LISTEN—LISTEN…and OBSERVE. The best piece of advice a new recruit can receive from an employer is to listen and observe before jumping in to suggest changes.
  2. Stay away from office gossip. That is not to say don’t pay attention to what you hear through the grapevine. That can be helpful. However don’t contribute to it.
  3. Mind your manners. Don’t forget what you learned as a child. Please and thank you should still be the magic words. Always knock before you enter. Although barging into your friend’s dorm room may have been okay with him, barging into your supervisor’s office is not okay.
  4. Answer the telephone politely, even if the call is internal.
  5. Find a mentor. Look for someone on your career path who is willing to take you under her wing. Your own supervisor may not be a good idea, but someone else under his supervision may work well.
  6. Don’t pretend to know things you don’t. However, do your homework. Learn what you need to know
  7. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you are assigned a project and are not sure how it should be completed, ask. It’s better to ask before the project is due, than to have it delayed because it was done incorrectly.
  8. Always stick to deadlines. Bosses usually want projects completed on time. If there is any flexibility, she will let you know.
  9. Pay close attention to corporate culture. Learn how things work within your company. Are relationships formal or friendly? Does everyone arrive early and stay late? Are lunch hours short or non-existent? Please forgive us for this cliche, but when in Rome…do what the Romans do!
  10. Building Habits – The most important aspect of life
  11. Building Self Esteem, Self Belief & Goal Setting
  12. Power of saying ‘Yes’ – Building in the attitude of ‘I Can’
  13. Power of Words – Giving a Pep talk to self
  14. Communicating – How to communicate properly with your Superiors and Subordinates
  15. Attitude of learning, not blaming
  16. Moving from Paying to Learn to being Paid to Learn
  17. The 5C’s – Company/ Organization, Colleague, Customer, Competition,
  18. and Creativity
  19. How to be a purposeful action taker.
  20. Using Innovation to fuel growth—Thinking outside the box.
  21. Taking initiatives by being self-starters
  22. Understanding the Power of Decision Making
  23. Helping each other to grow

Tangible Benefits:

  • After the workshop the participants will be more open and motivated to take any challenge with an positive attitude. They will have a take charge attitude.
  • They will learn how to be purposeful action taker and how to overcome disappointments if they have to face any. They will learn how to make a difference wherever they work.
  • They will learn that teamwork is a organizational reality in today’s corporate world
  • They will learn that they themselves have to force a review every few months, there will be no exam.