• Process and Modes of Communication
  1. Difference between the three – Passive, Assertive, Aggressive Understanding communication as a human process, the feelings and emotions involved
  • Communication Problems and Communication Breakdowns
  1. Identifying barriers to Communication
  2. Learning how to handle them
  3. To learn to express agreements and disagreements
  4. Some advanced public speaking skills in an external un-controlled environment
  • Components of Communication
  1. Verbal Information
  2. Nonverbal information
  3. Listening, Responding
  • Factors Influencing the Impact of Communication
    1. Body Language – Posture, Gesture
    2. Facial expression
    3. Articulation, Enunciation, Intonation – Using the voice effectively
    4. Making a Visual Impact
    • 4 strategies of persuasion
    1. Adoption, Deterrence, Continuance, Discontinuance
    • Using Lateral Thinking Model (Edward de Bono) for content development
    • The ‘You attitude’ in communication
    • Some idiosyncrasies in speech
    1. Inappropriate statements and questions
    • Few guidelines for dressing up for presentations
    • In Addition
    1. Communicating One to One
    2. Learning how to acknowledge complaints and form appropriate responses
    3. Expressing and defending your point of view while listening to those of others
    4. Handling difficult questions/ objections
    5. Handling the ‘different’ audience
    6. How to put things subtly


    The workshop will be conducted using a combination of lecture, aided by power point slides, video clips for a higher level of sensitization and understanding, this will aid the participants to implement the learning.