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As a medium of extending the reach of their message of positive thinking, Think Inc. also brings corporate gifts. Each of these items, posters, playing cards, desk planner etc carries a unique idea hand-picked from their vast archive of works by Dr. Promod Batra himself. They are excellent to spread these priceless thoughts among your business associates and even for your family. These are available at attractive prices for bulk orders and are very popular for their graphic brilliance.

Management Desk Planner

Think Inc., brings forth the Management Desk Planner 2014, an excellent corporate gift marked by its sheer elegance and functionality with additional customization for our clients through the insertion of their brand logo/institution name.

Management Thought Telephone Index

It is a book of 120 pages with A to Z index tabs for easy reference. It has full page management illustrations conveying a management thought.It is a normal telephone diary made “valuable” with good management ideas which can trigger your thoughts when you are referring to it.

Management Thought Address Book

An address book is an excellent and effective networking tool for your benefit. While you make an entry or search for an existing one, you can read the story on the facing page, a story that has an inspirational thought or a moral in it, which can act as a thought starter for you to think outside the box for yourself, your family, your social and family life.

Management Thinking Kit

Thinking Kit is an acrylic box, which you can keep on your desk at home or in the office to get inspiration while looking at it! It comes with a booklet of 16 pages in colour with interesting stories and anecdotes which will trigger your mind to think outside the box.

Motivational Posters

Positive attitude is a powerful force that has considerable impact on performance. Use these inspirational themed tools all around your work place to remind everyone to start and shape up each day with a positive and confident attitude.