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Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will” – Zig Ziglar

A positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible.  The Management Thinking Kit enables you to see positive possibilities in life through simple inspiring insights to everyday situations.

Thinking Kit is an acrylic box, which you can keep on your desk at home or in the office to get inspiration while looking at it! It comes with a booklet of 16 pages in colour with interesting stories and anecdotes which will trigger your mind to think outside the box. You can think outside the box only when you first put some ideas in the box itself!

The kits are:

  1. Thinking Kit with corn seeds.
  2. Motivational Kit with a bulb
  3. Leadership Kit with two rings with thread.
  4. Teamwork Kit with three gears
  5. Decision making Kit with a coin.
  6. “Do It Now” Kit with a needle.
  7. Initiative Kit with a key.
  8. Luck probability Kit with dices.
  9. Safety Kit with safety pin.
  10. Cost Cutting Kit with blade.
  11. Mistakes Admitting Kit with pencil & eraser.
  12. Salary Kit with peanuts.
  13. Weakness Analysing Kit with chain.
  14. Compliments Exchange Kit with holi colours.
  15. Add Value Kit with wheat grains
  16. Anger Prevention Kit  with a match stick

Excellent when you use it yourself or give as corporate gifts as it has many ideas which would act as thought starters for taking action.

Price: Rs 600

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