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Think Link August has been released.

Welcome to all readers from the Think Link Team.

In this edition of Management Reflections we bring for you a short story of Akbar and Birbal which teaches us a lesson on why we should keep away from temptations.

Self-esteem is a summation of beliefs, feelings, experiences and perception a person has about himself. It is his image and understanding of the self with which he measures his worth and existence. In the Think You section we bring for you an article on 10 things that can help you to come up to a desirable level of self-esteem.

There are a few things which are gradually disappearing from our lives, and with it some age-old customs are vanishing too. In the Think Family section we have for you 5 Reasons why it is important to teach your child of letter writing.

In the Think multimedia section we have for you an interesting story and clip of Kaushalendra Kumar, an IIM Topper who is selling vegetables, and was chosen as one of the nominees of MTV youth icon.

Tip of the Month features one of the common Indianisms used by everyone. Indianisms are certain grammatical errors in English language that are very common in India. We will be looking at some of them in our future articles.