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Think Link December has been released.

Cheers and welcome to the December edition of Think Link. In this edition we bring for you a collection of articles that will inspire you to become a better person.

In this edition of Management Reflections we have for you an article on ‘Learn To Manufacture Positive Thoughts In Your Thoughts Factory -Your Mind!’

As the year draws to a close, everyone is gearing up to celebrate the year that was and to usher in the new. So in the Think You section we have an article on ‘How to enjoy a party responsibly.’

You see, shyness robs people of occasions in life. And while many children outgrow shyness with time, for those of us who carry our shyness forward into adulthood, life becomes one series of missed connections after another. Anything you can do to ease your child’s shyness will, in turn, decrease the number of events your child misses over the course of his/her life. And that is truly a gift. Therefore this month we bring for you an article on the same in the Think Family section.

In the Think Multimedia section we have for you the amazing story of Emmanuel Kelly, a 17 year old from Australia; who took the country by storm with his singing talents.

Indianisms are certain grammatical errors in English language that are very common in India. We will be looking at one such Indianism ‘Years back’ in our Tip of the month.