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Welcome to the July edition of Think Link

Think Reflection brings you instantly energizing and motivating wisdom from Dr. Promod Batra. In this issue we bring for you an article by Promod Batra on Be Patient While Analyzing And Impatient While Executing”Read more >>

The impact of unregulated and indiscriminate viewing of television is immediate on the child, even though it may take a while for the parent to detect. Such is its ability to influence the young mind, that undoing is really an enormous task. In this month’s Think Nurture article, we bring for you an article which helps you to identify “Is Television Your Child’s Babysitter?” Read more >>

Do you feel hounded by memories of the past, especially unpleasant and inconvenient ones? Do these memories limit you from utilizing your full abilities? Are you usually skeptical in the way you view the present and what lies ahead? In the Think Evolve section, we bring for you an article “Are you a prisoner of your past” Read more >>

Derek Redmond is an excellent example of the human spirit of never giving up. No doctor or injury could pull him away from his ambition to represent his country, be it running track or dribbling a basketball. Think Multimedia brings you an article on “The story of a champion- Derek Redmond” Read more >>

From the innumerable requests we receive each month for counseling on personal and professional matters, we try to select and advice some of the frequently occurring concerns expressed by our readers. Think Advise is our humble effort to empower you to have a fulfilling and happy life by helping to solve your challenges. ” Read more >>

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