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Think Link July has been released.

Welcome to the July edition of Think Link. This month we bring for you articles which will help you lead a more fulfilling and happy life.

In the Management Reflections section we bring for you an article by Dr. Promod Batra, where he explains why we should stick our neck out.

Time changes people. And with them changes the relationships they are in. It is therefore not uncommon that the person, who you are in a relationship with today, may choose to be with someone different tomorrow. What seems so easy to write about, is actually very difficult to accept and cope with. So in this month’s Think You section we have an article on 10 ways to deal with broken relationships.

In the Think Family section we have an inspiring article on why Teaching is called a noble profession. It includes an inspiring story worth reading.

Think multimedia brings for you an article and a link on the famous marshmallow test and why delaying gratification is one of the important indicators of success in future life.

Indianisms are certain grammatical errors in English language that are very common in India. We will be looking at some of them in our future articles in our Tip of the Month section.