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Welcome to the June edition of Think Link

Children of the present times are deprived of the opportunity to develop as charming adults as they lose out on a very essential learning of how their actions affect people around them. The most common signal for under developed social skills in children is when they have a bad temper. In the Think Nurture section< we have for you an article on How to help your child with anger. Read more >>

People with an amazing attitude have an unexplainable ability to influence your attitude positively. Their bubbling spirit passes on to you without their effort, and while you were unaware of it. You must find various ways to surround yourself with such people who exude positivism, energy and the zest for living. In The Think Evolve section we have for you an article “Who is influencing your attitude?” Read more >>

A classical tabla virtuoso of the highest order, his consistently brilliant and exciting performances have not only established him as a national treasure in his own country, India, but gained him worldwide fame.In the Think Multimedia section we have for you an article on Ustak Zakir Hussain.The clips at the end are a part of a movie made by Mr. Sumantra Ghosal ‘The Speaking Hands’ on Ustadji himself. Read more>>

In the Think Reflection section we bring for you an article by Promod Batra on learning to become like Mother Teresa.Read more>>

From the innumerable requests we receive each month for counseling on personal and professional matters, we try to select and advice some of the frequently occurring concerns expressed by our readers. Think Advise is our humble effort to empower you to have a fulfilling and happy life by helping to solve your challenges. Read more>>

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