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Think Link September has been released.

Welcome to all readers from the Think Link Team.

In this edition of Management Reflections we bring for you an article where the emphasis is on the finishiative vs. the initiative.

As a part of our series on handling limiting feelings, we explore the causes and effects of jealousy In the Think You section.

Positive parenting is more relevant today than ever because the pressures a child has to handle today are immense. On one hand is peer pressure, on the other hand there is academic pressure. This month in the Think Family section we bring for you an article which explains this in detail.

In the Multimedia section we bring for you two clips of Rahul Dravid being interviewed by Harsha Bhogle which explains the concept of doing small things spectacularly well.

Tip of the month brings for you a new Indianism “Do one thing.”

Cheers from the Think Inc. Team.