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My 10 Gurumantras For Your Successful Life

By Promod Batra

MRP.   Rs   100

At 75, he decided to share his experiences and exposures of his professional and personal life through gurumantras:

  1. Maha Ganesha vs. Gobar Ganesha
  2. Sukhi Ram vs. Dukhi Ram
  3. KFP vs. BFP
  4. Cows Don’t Give Milk
  5. Respond, Don’t React
  6. Manage Your Time As You Manage Your Money
  7. Learn To Love What You Do For Living
  8. My Primary Job Is To Get Along Well With People
  9. Say Thank You & Sorry Instantly
  10. What Can I do For You Today? Say It From Your Mind And Heart.

Good To Great

By Vijay Batra

MRP.   Rs  100

Vijay shares with you some of the highlights of his seminars which he has been conducting all across India in different companies. You will see him in action in regard to inspiration and motivation in our context.

  • Honour the Greatness in Others
  • Calm Energy
  • Passion
  • Developing Talents
  • Let Your  Life Speak
  • Sweet the Right Small Stuff