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Promod Batra

When Promod Batra retired in 1996, he was ready to be reborn as a Management Guru and Delhi’s corporate were happy to embrace him in the new avatar. Delivering his message in a lively mix of English, Hindi and Punjabi, Batra was star speaker of Think Inc – the company he founded and runs with son Vijay.Read More >>

Vijay Batra

Vijay Batra is a revered and trusted name as a motivational and inspirational speaker in corporate India.He is driven to spread the message of positive thinking and work ethics through his talks and training seminars.Read More >>

Amit Mathur

Amit Mathur is a man marked by his gentle disposition and compassion for everyone alike.The emphasis of his training is on self-assessment, thought provoking exercises and a better future direction through various visualization and training techniques. Read More >>

Suneet Chopra

Suneet encourages this thought further while sowing the seeds of positivity in the minds of professionals who are driving today’s competitive, Corporate India. Read More >>


Rajnish Virmani brings with him over 30 years of experience in multinationals like TCS, American Express, Aviva, Reliance and Colt Technologies.His rich and varied experience comes from living and working in the USA, UK and India. Read More >>

CV Rao

C V Rao, popularly known in professional circles as CVR or Rao, is a highly experienced trainer cum consultant in HR and Quality. He has always maintained that “Imparting or sharing Knowledge makes an individual Richer.” Read More >>

Devender K Madan

Devender has been associated with Think Inc since 2008. He has delivered numerous technical programs for our clients. The encouraging response to his training programs speak about his dedication and involvement with his learners. His methods are simple and effective, and his style is natural.Read More >>

Sanjay Chadha

Sanjay Chadha is a Chartered Accountant with over 20 years of financial/ accounting. He has been a senior executive with extensive P&L background in rapidly evolving service industries and high-tech global markets.Read More >>

Rajat Batra

Rajat Batra has more than 18 years of experience managing manufacturing operations. He is actively interested in promoting Sustainable Development options and sustainable manufacturing practices particularly in small and medium enterprises. Read More >>

Dr. Nipun Choudhary

Dr. Nipun Choudhary (15th January 1977) is a strong believer in good health, healthy lifestyle and wellness. He felt the need to move beyond the precincts of being a medical practitioner, and conducts workshops and wellness sessions for corporate clients.Read More >>