Inspirational Thoughts For The Mind

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Author :  Vijay Michihito Batra & Promod Batra Pages : 144 ISBN NO : 81-86773-94-0 Size : 5 x 8

This book focuses on two aspects of our lives, work and life. Our endeavor as authors has been to learn ways of overcoming the challenges we all face in working and living, and the intent is to become better in fulfilling our responsibilities at work and at home, and to gain joy, while serving our customers, be it internal, our colleagues at work, external customers, who buy our products or services and our intimate customers, our family members and friends.

This book focuses on the importance of quality of life, which is paramount, and not get swayed by the temptations of only focusing on improving one’s life style.

This book’s objective is to ensure that we don’t commit the mistake of having fuller houses and emptier homes.

Our intent has been that the book is more of a “work” book. Where the reader will commit and engage to fine tune their cognitive and behavioral skills as they read through the chapters.

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