Cows Don't Give Milk

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The rich are not always born rich; and the happy are not always born happy. Success is a journey and we have to travel wisely. Batra explains in this book his Mahamantra of Think, Ask, Do. He also reveals the Powerful Secrets of How the Rich Get Rich. After the phenomenal success of Born to Win, Promod Batra shares one of his most prized Gurumantra’s with us: The good things of life do not drop into our laps, we have to put them there, This simple truth is enough to jolt us into action. The book is convincing, inspiring, and exciting. Batra says, we can make our lives, our business and our relationships as we desire. Author : By Dr. Promod Batra Pages : 140 ISBN : 81-7621-158-3 Size : 5.5×8.5 Also available in Hindi

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