Be A Winner Everytime

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Change your attitude, change your life! This is the promise contained in the books as it tells you, very simply, how manage your life better to become a permanent Sukhi Ram, a winner. This is done by manufacturing an attitude of kee Farak Painda, says Promod Batra, which allows you to concentrate on the real issues in life and at the workplace, with a free and relaxed mind. Batra reveals many such attitudinal secrets in this book. Full of day –to-day anecdotes and scores of motivational stories that drive home the point, this is a useful book for one and all, even though is has been written keeping the young management executive in mind. It’s Promod Batra at his best, in his typical, down-to earth and informal style, showing you the other way to view life’s situations in order to emerge a winner! Author : By Dr. Promod Batra Pages : 248 ISBN :81-7621-137-0 Size : 5×8 Also available in Hindi

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