Born To Be Happy

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Managing relationships in a family is a very difficult task, if not impossible! Its like sewing a button on an lce Cream! (or a Rasgulla or a Burfee) Life is funny and very unfair to say the least. When we buy a cellular phone, we get a detailed instructions book, but, when we get married we get no family manual and we sort of muddle through life, And God gives children to the inexperienced parents. When we are born in a family business, life comes to us, sort of on a golden plate. And all the golden goodies come along with it, before we deserve them, but managing relationships in a family business can be a real tough one, The uniqueness of Batra is his belief that life is actually meant to be happy and in this book he shows us how simple it can be! This book will give you-Precious Principal for a happy personal and family life. Author : By Dr. Promod Batra Pages : 136 ISBN : 81-7621-115-X Size: 5×8 Also available in Hindi

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