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Thinking is the most important job in management, whether it’s management of yourself, your family your employees or your customers. Thinking is the hardest job to do and, therefore, we all hate to do it! In thinking, what matters most is your attitude. The mind can think positively or it can think negatively. If you have to deal effectively with a problem, an opportunity, a note, report, a letter or a write-up, you ought to be in a positive mood. Only you-and no one else-can put yourself in a positive mood. Wealth, wisdom, position, status (or lack of it) makes  no difference. You  are your best friend, or your worst enemy. At Think Inc. our research is aimed at finding the Simple Ways to discover and invent the  commonsensical approaches  you need to reach your goals. Our collection of ideas and thought starters  has been gathered and distilled from our professional journeys over the decades, across continents and cultures. We are dedicated to helping you to start thinking positively, creatively and innovatively. This  is your key to success and happiness in the office and at home. No more, no less. Author : By Promod Batra & Vijay Batra Pages : 301 ISBN : 81-7621-096X Size : 5½x8½

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