Walk on Sand, Before you Sleep on Silk

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Promod and Vijay Batra show us that success consist of blending and mixing values, skills, ethics and habits. Put these together in the right mix and you can realize your own dreams. This is achievable by learning from the actual firsthand experiences of the men and women who have reached the top. The authors take us through the true stories of over 75 leaders who have achieved great success in their fields. This book is full of tips, strategies and stories. You will learn from the success of people like – Vikram Pandit, Citigroup; Arun Sarin, Britain’s Vodafone Group; Prannoy Roay, NDTV, amongst others. Read and be inspired. Apply the ideas, methods and life mantras of these business heroes and you too will sleep on silk! Author : By Promod Batra & Vijay Batra Pages : 141 ISBN : 978-817621-194-9 Size : 5×8

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