‘Do It Now’ – Un-dated Diary

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  • Size: 6” x 8.5”
  • 142 undated pages inside
  • Hard case binding with cover
  • Printed in color


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The power of weekly planning lies in the perspective and control it provides for your life; instead of drifting along, you give yourself an eagle like vision of the maze, and harness your newfound freedom in order to do, be, and get wherever you want to go.  It allows you to efficaciously manage the day-to-day and often trivial tasks along with your long-term plans and goals. Think of your weekly calendar as an Attack Plan for Life: it’s where you hash out the tactics and logistics to make your long-term vision a reality as well as manage quotidian duties.

This is a ‘Do It Now’ diary.

The caricatures contained in this diary are based on more than 20 years of research experience of Dr. Promod K Batra in the field of positive thinking and motivation which bring forth inspirational messages and unique outlooks on life and work.

‘Ideas are a rupee a dozen!’ And therefore, while flipping the pages of this diary, you may feel that some of the ideas are very ordinary – what we at times call ‘common sense’. However, another way of looking at it can be that it provides some ‘thought starters’. And this is exactly why this diary has been compiled.

With a sense of responsibility, we can say that there will be at least one idea which you may be able to implement practically in your daily life.