The programme will enable the participants to work in cohesion, understand behaviors and different temperaments of people around them. It will help them to get their things done more effectively and also bond well with their team. Their social interactions will improve and they shall be able to get along well with people.


  1. Thinking… determines your attitudes!
  2. Asking… increase your information to do your karmas well.
  3. Doing… gives you the feeling of success and happiness.
  4. Improving… puts you on the road of self-satisfaction.
  5. Excelling… if you aim for excellence, you will achieve it!
  6. Enjoying… is the fruit of your good karmas!
  7. Prioritizing… when you priorities, you achieve success.
  8. Changing… when you change yourself, you change the world around you.
  9. Innovating… is seeing things through a new lens.
  10. Disciplining… is practicing good habits, slowly.
  11. Listening… is putting yourself in other’ shoes.
  12. Delegating… delegate, don’t abdicate.
  13. Customerising… happy customers is the goal of every business.
  14. Learning… learn from books and people.
  15. Forgiving… is a simple way to achieve your goals.
  16. Encouraging… is also a simple way to achieve your goals.
  17. Giving… give and take and give; it’s simple.
  18. Succeeding… success needs no explanation, failure has none.


After attending the workshop the participants would be able to:

  • Have a cheerful attitude towards life
  • Become leaders and not followers
  • Develop people in to powerful and purposeful teams
  • Understand the power of Focus
  • Manage effectively by managing habits
  • Create more “Want to” than “Have to” in life
  • Clarify personal and professional roles

The Methodology employed by THINK INC. would be using a combination of the following:

  • Thought provoking Lectures aided by power point slides
  • Talk on ‘How’ and ‘Why’ of the topics
  • Storytelling and Story sharing
  • Relevant Video clips.
  • Sharing of experiences