Thanks for the wonderful session at the Mahindra OPL event last evening. Your seminar (should I say performance?) was appreciated and acclaimed by all the participants. In fact the Mahindra senior folks wanted to meet afterwards, just to express their thanks! I definitely look forward to having similar sessions for other groups of Mahindra customers.

Gopinath Ramakrishnan

Anantara Solutions Private Limited
Chennai, India



Your Session At The Ingram Go For Pro Meet Was Excellent. 
You Were Mesmerizing As Always.
Here Is Something For You From Microsoft Hoping To Mesmerize As Well

Wishes You All The Best




Dear Mr Vijay

I am extremely delighted to receive the posters and books sent by you. I have already shared the books for reading with my colleagues. Thanks a lot.

We all enjoyed the your session at Agra , which was not only captivating but lot of learnings from the session. I had earlier heard the sessions from Prakash Iyer, Ashish Vidyarthi, Sudhir Kapoor besides some achievers like Ms Arunima Sinha , Abhilash Tomy and so many but yours was  the best in terms of content, delivery and engaging the participants.

I have still got the books written by Mr Pramod Batra – Management Thoughts, Managements thoughts and action, Management wisdom, Managing stress purchased during 1993- 2000, besides the set of  management posters.

Look forward to meet you and listen to you


Vijay R Kharche

GM Logistics ( Industrial and Commercial ) HQ



Dear Mr Amitji,


Thank you for your valuable feedback. Your observations shall certainly help us to implement the gap on inter personal skills and other related work activities.

We heard from all the participants that Training session was so interactive and very much useful to them.

 Onceagain on behalf of DIRAK Management we thank you for your wonderful session.

 Looking forward to have long term association with Think Inc!!!

 Keep in touch.


DGM – Operations.