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Welcome to the February edition of Think Link

Think Reflection brings you instantly energizing and motivating wisdom from Dr. Promod Batra. In this issue we bring for you an article by Promod Batra on “No One Can Insult You Without Your Permission, When You have Self Confidence.” Read more>>

Parents want to know what is going on in their child’s world. To know that, they would adopt every measure they can manage. Of course it is all in good intent, yet it takes away peace of mind. We shall not discuss what to do instead.Think Nurture brings to you a very critical topic in the context children’s development.In this month’s Think Nurture article, we bring for you an article on “Are you hovering around your child too much? ” Read more>>

Our article is not to judge how you spend. It is rather to give you an insight into how you are spending, and, how it is impacting your life. In this month’s Think Evolve article, we bring for you an article on “What does the way you spend money tell about you?” Read more>>

Calcutta girl Chanda Zaveri, who left home at the age of 17 in 1984 to escape arranged marriage, went on to writing her own success story of becoming a millionaire entrepreneur and innovator. In this month’s Think Multimedia we bring for you an article on “Chanda Zaveri.” Read more>>

From the innumerable requests we receive each month for counseling on personal and professional matters, we try to select and advice some of the frequently occurring concerns expressed by our readers. Think Advise is our humble effort to empower you to have a fulfilling and happy life by helping to solve your challenges. Read more>>

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