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Learning is the body of knowledge and wisdom (that which one learns). It is the process of gaining understanding that leads to the modification of attitudes and behaviors through the acquisition of knowledge, skills and values, through study and experience. Learning induces a persistent, measurable or observable, specified behavioral change in the learner to formulate a new mental construct or revise a prior mental construct. The learning process leads to long-term changes in behavior potential. Behavior potential describes an individual’s possible behavior in a given situation to achieve a goal. But potential is not enough; if individual learning is not periodically reinforced, it becomes shallower and shallower, and eventually will be lost in that individual.

  1. Thinking… determines your attitudes!
  2. Learning… learn from books and people.
  3. Passion…Building a passion to learn
  4. Taking self-initiative
  5. Spreading and sharing the passion at work
  6. Asking… increase your information to do your karmas well.
  7. Listening… is putting yourself in other’ shoes.
  8. Improving… puts you on the road of self-satisfaction.
  9. Changing… when you change yourself, you change the world around you.
  10. Disciplining… is practicing good habits, slowly.
  11. Doing… gives you the feeling of success and happiness.
  12. Excelling… if you aim for excellence, you will achieve it!
  13. Enjoying… is the fruit of your good karmas!
  14. Innovating… is seeing things through a new lens.
  15. Encouraging… is also a simple way to achieve your goals.
  16. Sharing… the most important job for learning
  17. Succeeding… success needs no explanation, failure has none.


  • After attending the workshop the participants would be able to:
  • Develop an attitude of learning new things
  • Have a cheerful attitude towards life
  • Understand the power of Focus in learning
  • Manage effectively by managing habits
  • Create more “Want to” than “Have to” in life
  • Clarify personal and professional roles
  • Taking initiatives by being self-starters