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  • Moving above from Individuality
  • Taking initiatives by being self-starters
  • Understanding the Power of compromise
  • Helping yourself and each other to grow through Emotional Intelligence

The workshop is of one day. There will be 4 sessions of 90 minutes each.


Session 1

  1. Working together works – Understand the importance of working in a team, you do no have to like to person you work with, but you cannot create hindrances for anyone in the organization.
  2. Knowing what we are working for – Clarifying the vision of yourself and hence the organization as well.
  3. Spreading and sharing the passion at work – Have constructive attitude towards the task at hand
  4. Build a World Class Attitude – As a Individual you have to make sure you are a purposeful action taker high on energy and high on focus, this will in-turn make the organization better.


  1. Being accountable; Taking charge of the situation and results too – As a team member, you should be able to take responsibility of not only your actions but also the inactions as well
  2. Taking responsibility and self-initiative – Responsibility needs to be taken instead of given… Taking responsibility of the Goals assigned to your team and team members and going beyond your assigned job or task for the good of the organization
  3. Creating a Win- Win Situation – To solve a conflict within the organization you need to adopt a sharing style of behavior which means to involve everyone who is concerned. This will give everyone a degree of satisfaction and ownership in the results and create less conflicts within the organization
  4. Understanding the Power of Compromise – Compromise lowers the expectations of the individual ego and takes the pressure off; losing is winning; winning is losing, and compromise in the end will bring the organization together.

Session 3

  1. The 6 R’s of an Effective Team – To be an effective team follow the 6 R’s of an effective team Reason , Role, Rules, Responsibility, Relationship, Result Management
  2. How To Give Feedback to Your Colleagues– To proper way of giving Feedback is giving the right feedback, at the right time, about the right reason, to the right person, on the right spot, in the right manner.
  3. Developing trust – Trust is an emotional bond and lack of this creates a big nuisance in a team, so to be a good team an open communication should be there to make team bonding much easier.
  4. Self-regulations, Reframing Words and Behavior that are Undesirable –You should choose subtle and positive words so that keep from turning your colleagues mental switch “off”.

Session 4

  1. Self-motivation/ Building positive attitude – Attitudes are contagious, so if you want your team members to have a positive attitude so you should be the first one to get it!
  2. Emotional Stability / Being flexible and practical in different situations -You should be able to handle different types of situations in a team by regulating your emotions and by empathizing with others
  3. Types of team and their attitude towards task – Your team needs to be in the productive zone and stay out of the coercive zone, resignation zone and comfort zone
  4. Contest Vs. Conflict – When dealing with your colleagues make sure that you are having a contest with them and not a conflict. Where as a contest is healthy for the organization conflicts are detrimental.